Comments from a recent workshop

We are the Southerncachers because the three of us were from Alabama, Texas, and Arkansas! :-)

From David H (Ark): "This was a wonderful experience. The device was easy to use, and I can see various applications of the technology in different classroom settings! We had a lot of fun, even though we didn't look in the right place for one of the items... That's what we get for being 'green' I guess... :-)"

From Sandra (Texas): My friend has been trying to get me interested in geocaching. I am now sure I was to learn more and try this. I enjoyed the workshop so much. Thanks for a great learning and stress free workshop!

Is there a way to add photos? I was able to capture photos of our search.

From Trudy (Australia): I am a geocacher from Melbourne Australia. I involved with education K -12 and I am very interested in geocaching as classroom activities.