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Educaching, A GPS Based Curriculum
Lesson Plans targeted to 4th - 8th grade teachers which align with the National Teaching Standards. Included you will find everything you need to know to bring Geocaching into the classroom.

Using GPS in Education YahooGroups NYGPS
Files and Links in this YahooGroup are excellent! (You'll need to join with a free Yahoo! membership)

The Education Forums at Groundspeak
See what other people are writing about this topic!

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Educational Resources

GPS Lesson Plans from GIS2GPS

The Science Spot GPS Lesson Plans

GPS used at a school

GPS Games

A wiki with some good geocaching information

How to go Geocaching
A beginners guide

What is Geocaching?
Article at Wikipedia

Geocaching FAQ
Letterboxing: finding treasure without a GPS

The Institue Of Navigation

Using geocaching to help teach geometry

The Jordan School District: GPS resources and lessons

Handheld devices in the classroom

Louisiana Department of Education: GPS Lesson

The Degree Confluence Project


Our Map
Where are you from? Put a pin marker on our map! The password is "caching" to gain access.
Very good geocaching resources

Tracking the path of cabs, turning science into art!
A forum discussing camouflage techniques. See how Geocaching can involve art and engineering!

The PodCacher Podcast
A very informative weekly audio show all about geocaching!

Geocaching For Educators

Ways to use a GPS receiver in a classroom